A little help needed

by Craig
(United Kingdom)

Hi Ryan,

I found your website a few weeks ago and am finding it very useful.

I am around 240lbs at present and i am joining the Army so need my weight to be between 195 - 210lbs so diet will be an important factor for me.

I realize the chart above is a guide, however, the calorific intake stated above seems quite high for weight loss and i am struggling to get my intake that high in carbs or calories. I am concerned this will result in loss of proteins and 'muscle weight'

Any handy tips for this?


Hey Craig,

The absolute key to losing weight is to simply burn more calories than you take in. It's impossible to simply use the chart for weight loss without estimating how many calories you will be burning during your workouts.

It's kind of a game of fine tuning - if you don't like your results, then apply a change. One other option is to visit a dietitian who will then determine exactly how many calories you burn without performing any exercise (your basal metabolic rate, or BMR). There are different ways to estimate this, but I find most are inaccurate.

The chart I have provided is simply a guide and is nothing written in stone. It's a chart that someone could come up with based on their BMR and daily caloric intake.

One of the most important factors in losing weight is, unfortunately, counting calories. This is the absolute best way to determine how many calories you are consuming in a day and, when considering your metabolic rate (BMR), you will be able to determine whether you are burning or storing calories.

Your concern about protein loss is a very important concept that is outlined in several different pages of the site. Carbs are your body's intrinsic source of fuel - they're used to maintain muscle. Muscle proteins are broken down for energy when there aren't enough carbs around to supply the body. In other words, your muscles will not break down until your source of carbs drops below a certain threshold. There is more information about this on the Carbohydrate Metabolism page and the High Protein Diet page.

I hope this helps a little bit - it's kind of a tough question to answer. Keep in mind that there are many, many factors that determine whether or not an individual loses or gains weight. Simply following a chart for caloric intake will not necessarily result in weight loss.

Thanks for the question!


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Ryan Warth

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