Baseball and Softball Ab Workouts

Putting Together Ab Workouts for Baseball or Softball

Training programs and fitness for baseball players continues to improve across the board. However, it still seems like many ineffective, old-school tactics are used when they shouldn't be, and there remains many problem areas that some players and programs can't seem to figure out.

Right at the forefront of all of this is exercise and work for the abdominals and core. If you really want to take your fitness and your game to the next level, you'll get in high quality ab workouts which will pay great dividends for you on the field, make you more powerful and also help to prevent injuries.

One of the first questions that people have is how often they should be doing ab workouts. Some people swear that you should be doing abs at least five times per week if you really want to get that rock solid midsection. Other people say that once per week for your abdominals is just fine because they are like any muscle group in your body which needs ample recovery time in order to really flourish.

Before finding out how much you should be training your abs, first you have to consider what you are doing for ab workouts. If you think doing a few hundred crunches or sit-ups is good training for your abs, then it's time for you to start over from scratch. Crunches are basically a waste of time, as they fail to train your abdominal muscles in the way that they were designed to work, and they also don't target the rest of your core either, making them limited in scope.

So, if you have been looking for an answer about how many times per week or how many sets of crunches you should be performing, then the answer is 0. Instead, you should keep a few main points in mind when it comes to targeting your abs and core.

First, train your muscles in the ways they were meant to be used. For your abs, that means a lot of stabilization training, as your abdominals were designed to stabilize your spine and torso. Exercises such as planks and all of the variations of them are excellent for working on this, for example.

From there, you want to train your ab muscles in ways that mimic what you do in the game. For baseball, that means utilizing a lot of rotational exercises, as well as exercises that will help to build explosive movement and power.

Finally, don't forget that there is more to your core than just your six pack of abdominal muscles in the front. You have your obliques on the side of your body, your lower back muscles, and all of the myriad stabilizers and smaller muscles and muscle groups throughout. With all of that in mind, one of the best and most underrated training tools not only for your abdominals but for your whole body will be the medicine ball.

Medicine ball training can help you with all of the major points discussed above, and will provide you with a wide range of exercise options, versatile training programs and workouts which really produce results, and that's the most important thing of all. Medicine ball work that's entirely focused on your core can be done two to three times per week depending on what else you're training and what exercises you're performing.

However, medicine ball training overall can be done five or six times per week, and many exercises which target other areas of your body will also secondarily end up targeting your abdominals or part of your core. Another way to think about this is that two to three of your medicine ball training routines can be ballistic with high effort and intensity. The remaining sessions can be more about recovery, mechanics, improving range of motion and honing proper movement patterns.

However you choose to split it up, make sure that you begin incorporating the medicine ball into your regmin. It's vastly underrated and underused, and your ab workouts can get a huge boost from the introduction of a medicine ball! Say goodbye to the crunches, you won't miss them anyway, and start using more comprehensive and effective techniques for working on your ab and core training for baseball.

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