Basic Weight Training Concepts to Get You Over the Top!

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Understanding the basic weight training concepts, techniques, terminology and common myths is essential to navigating your way through your own strength training program. Some of these concepts include...

This page is simply an introduction to these basic weight training concepts and are discussed more thoroughly through the various links on the page. So, what are we waiting for? Let's get going!

Why begin a weight training program?

First of all, why would anyone start a weight training program? You may be thinking that you're already pretty active and don't really need a training program. After all, maybe you're not even training for anything specific.

Actually, you're training for yourself! You're training for health and well-being! The conveniences of our modern lifestyle has made strength training even more necessary - we use elevators, escalators, remote controls, cars and the internet as conveniences, but they are detrimental to our health! How, you ask?

Well, instead of going shopping, we're using the internet. Instead of walking, we're driving. If this trend continues, there'll come a point when we won't ever have to get up out of our chairs!

The benefits of strength training are seemingly endless! Let's start a strength-training program the right way for a stronger, healthier, more versatile body.

But, before you start, don't forget to warm up and then stretch!

Ask Your Physician

As with any strength training routine, be sure you're able to follow such a program. If any doubt exists in your mind or if you just want to be sure, please consult a physician or health professional to make absolutely certain you're able to begin a regular exercise program.

Fitness Goal Setting

finish line

Companies all over the internet propose workout programs that are guaranteed to get you ripped abs and a toned butt. Well, think again. Most of these fitness programs aren't geared towards the average individual. They just make you think they are (this is how they make money!). These offers exclude fitness testing and the essential goal setting process that's required to make any significant progress.

The key to a successful strength training program is to set your own fitness goals. A fitness goal setting strategy is extremely important to get you where you want to go! This is essential, even for basic weight training!

Sets and Reps

Sets and Repetitions (or reps) are extremely important when considering the type of training you'll be doing. For example, do you want to build bulk, increase your endurance or simply tone your muscles? This is where strategy becomes very important in determining how you want to look and feel when you've reached your fitness goal.

Overtraining is bad!

Rest and recovery is extremely important in any workout program. I plead, do not overtrain! This means lifting and/or exercising too much and too often. There're a myriad of problems with overtraining- so learning about it is essential!

A good way to avoid overtraining is to employ the strategy of...


periodization graph

Periodization is the simple act of organizing your strength training program into periods. What does this mean? Basically, you'll be switching phases - whether from light to heavy lifting, from machines to barbells, or changing the number of repetitions.

Studies have shown significant gains when using this technique in an effort to vary your workout. This makes weight training more enjoyable, customizable, and eliminates the renowned weight plateau.. In other words, you'll keep making progress while others hit a training wall!

I've outlined a basic weight training program revolving around periodization to help get you started. Keep in mind that anyone can use this outline - whether you're a beginner or a triathlete! I would highly recommend periodization, especially for a beginner's workout.

As you can see, even the most basic weight training concepts are capable of taking you to your goals and beyond. Understand these concepts and you'll be in great shape in no time!

Weight Lifting Safety

There're obviously a million ways to hurt yourself in the gym. In fact, this is one of the reasons many people are simply afraid to set foot inside a weight room - they don't want to smash their fingers or tear a muscle.

The fact is that injuries happen because of misuse. Understanding weight lifting safety will alleviate this fear. Heck, the only way to make any real progress with your fitness program is to hit the gym!

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