Hindu Pushups are NOT the Same as Divebomber Pushups!

Hindu Pushups

Hindu pushups are not the same as dive bomber pushups, as you may have seen or heard. How are they different, then?

Basically, the Hindu pushup involves motion in one direction, while the dive bomber requires forward and reverse motions. In my opinion, the Hindu pushup is the easier of the two variations...

The Exercise

Start in the normal pushup position. Widen your feet to shoulder-width and raise your butt into the air, keeping your back as straight as possible (the exercise becomes a bit more difficult as you straighten your back more).

Keeping your back straight, direct your nose directly to the floor. When you get a few inches from the floor, drive your body forward and force your hips towards the ground.

As you move forward, arch your back into the "upward dog" position, in yoga terms. At this point, only your toes and hands should be making contact with the floor.

From here, move directly back up to the starting position. This is where the exercise differs from dive bomber pushups - with dive bombers, you'll have to go back the way you came instead of going directly back to the starting position! Quite a bit more difficult if you ask me...

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One way to add some intensity to this exercise is to start with your feet elevated above your hands. This puts some extra weight on your shoulders and chest, forcing them to work much harder! What I mean is, use the same position, but just start your feet in a higher position! Gravity will work it's magic and force you to work harder!

Pushup Styles
Standard Pushup Stability Ball Pushup Resistance Tube Pushup
Dive Bomber Pushup Hindu Pushup Wobble Board Pushup
Diamond Pushup One-Handed Pushup BOSU Ball Pushup
Military Pushup T Pushup Sphinx Pushup
Weighted Vest Pushup w/ Hip Flexion Stability Ball Pushup Walk

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