Muscle Building Supplements: Most Are Bogus

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Today's society relies on less work with more results. With the advent of computers, we've pretty much automated everything we do - from shopping, to our finances to communication with others. The problem is that our bodies don't work the same way - as much as we'd like them to. With improving medical technology, we're turning to pharmaceuticals to solve our weight loss and muscle-building problems.

There're no magic protein supplements, diet pills, exercises or "fitness" beverages that'll whip us all into shape without setting foot into the gym. We all need to realized that the only way to get fit is to be fit. What I mean is, focus your energy on nutrition and exercise. This is where the results lie.

I'll say it again - there's no miracle solution to all your weight loss or muscle-building dreams besides hard work and diligence with your diet. That's just the bottom line.

With that said, most muscle building supplements don't even come close to what they claim - build lean muscle fast! Melt the fat right off your abs! Get the definition you need to turn heads! It's all marketing, it's all hype, and it's all worthless (well, mostly).

The fact is that there're very few muscle building supplements out there that'll do anything for you besides produce a placebo effect. The placebo effect (you feel like the product is working when, in actuality, it isn't), in conjunction with the words on the bottle, is what sells most of these supplements. I'm not saying that there aren't useful, and potentially helpful, muscle building supplements. There are! This page is meant to help you weed out the bogus claims and get you steered on the right track towards your goals.

About the Muscle Building Supplements

Again, there's no miracle formula to build bigger biceps or a rippling chest. Items may claim to have ergogonic (improved performance) or physiological functions (affects the mind and body) when, in actuality, they really don't. So, how do you weed out these frauds?

For those of you who've already made a decision to take muscle-building supplements, this page is for you. I'll provide you the best information possible on supplements that have some inkling of possibility to actually helping you and your workout problem.

With that said, there're sports medicine physicians our there that condone the use of some of these supplements, but only under proper medical supervision. Unfortunately, this is hardly ever the case. Whether it's embarrassment or simply laziness on our part to get our doctors involved, we usually end up making uninformed decisions about muscle building supplements.

If a little creatine is good, a lot must be better, right? Wrong! Overdosing anything can become a serious medical issue. Don't let anyone tell you this about any sort of supplement, because it's simply untrue. The only thing Americans could stand any more of is watching our nutrition and exercising.

The table below contains links to pages within this site that have more information about muscle building supplements that you may be interested in. Not all of them are good, so be sure to read the pages carefully!

Remember that I'm not in any way condoning the use of any of these weight loss or muscle building supplements. The pages in this section are meant to give you the best information you can find without the hype or marketing ploys. Just solid, good ol' fashioned information that'll get you on the right track with your weight training program. But remember, don't use this information in replacement of what your doctor may tell you!

Weight Loss Pills

Think about it - when you read the claims on a bottle of "Butt Buster", they're going to seem fantastic. You're glutes will magically tone up, the fat will practically drip off and you'll be able to run a marathon next month. The problem occurs when you start believing these claims even the slightest amount. After all, this supplement company that I trust is selling it to me, so it must be good...right?

Right. It's good for taking money out of your wallet and promptly filling their own. The problem is that the claims they make aren't entirely false, but misleading enough to make you believe in it.

One of the most prominent ways is to add caffeine to their product (most weight loss pills have a good amount of caffeine). This causes the release of adrenaline from the adrenal gland, resulting in increased heart rate and blood pressure. Your heart's working harder without you working at all, so therefore your core temperature increases and you're burning more calories while doing nothing! This is called the thermogenic effect.

Here's the kicker - caffeine is technically an addictive drug. It's incredibly easy to become dependant on caffeine to make it through every day. Why do you think people drink coffee so much in the morning? They usually have a headache, they're weak, lethargic and moody without getting enough caffeine. Well, the same exact process occurs when taking diet or weight loss pills.

Although their claim seems reasonable, it is impossible to simply pop a pill and achieve any sort of measurable results. Not only would this method take an extremely long period of time, but because caffeine is addictive, each week you'll need more and more caffeine (or "diet pills") to achieve the same thermogenic effects! In the medical field, this phenomenon is called "physiological dependence"...

It's a reaction to the constant, huge concentration of caffeine in the blood. In this situation, those "caffeine receptors" throughout your body start to decrease in number! The result is that you need a larger amount of caffeine for the same stimulation. This same mechanism occurs with many other drugs such as cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, and many other addictive substances.

When you suddenly stop taking diet pills, like when the bottle runs out, the next time your body "expects" to get some caffeine is when the withdrawal effects start to kick in. You'll feel like you need to head back to the supplement shop to get some more "Butt Buster". In actuality, it's just the caffeine addiction that's making the decision for you instead of your conscience.

If you don't get the bottle, you'll end up with withdrawal-like symptoms (although more mild). And this means money for the company producing the pills - it's almost like a cigarette company that can hook you for a good period of time. It's guaranteed income for them without doing any work for you. If anything, they're simply dangerous. Stay away!

Unfortunately, caffeine isn't the only problem with weight loss supplements. There are many other products hidden within the pill that the lay-person may not be aware of. These include diuretics and laxatives that produce a "false" weight loss. What I mean is, instead of actually losing fat, you're losing water weight. This is one of the dangerous aspects of weight loss pills. The reason is because when diarrhea and excessive urination occurs, your electrolytes get out of wack. The main adverse effects are on the heart and the brain which can result in heart attacks, strokes, seizures and migraines.

The short story is that you create an imbalance in your electrolytes which adversely effects the heart and brain (among other tissues). Now that your organs are vulnerable, the caffeine adds even more of a kick by stimulating them to work harder. This is a dangerous combination! I would suggest trying alternative weight loss aids or muscle building supplements, in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Believe it or not, this is the only method that has been proven to work!

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