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General Information

Strength Training and Nutrition, the Smart Way
A user-friendly strength-training guide aimed to help improve overall health and prosperity, complete with nutrition facts, age-specific and sport-specific training ideas.

Smart Strength Training Blog
This smart strength training blog features the most updated pages on the site with some other little nuggets for your benefit.

Smart Strength Training Search
Smart Strength Training search page.


Your New Weight Training Program: Are You Ready?
All the information you need to start your own weight training program, the smart way!

Basic Weight Training Concepts and Ideas
Learn the basic weight training ideas that'll propel you above any other workout program!

Complete Nutrition Guide for Macronutrients and Vitamins
A handy nutrition guide. Want to know more about what you're eating? Here's a description of everything you need to know! The Benefits of Stretching: Keeping Your Muscles Healthy!
Understanding the benefits of stretching can help prevent annoying injuries, boost performance and increase your flexibility in your smart strength training program.

The Benefits of Strength Training: Reward Yourself!
The benefits of smart strength training are endless: learn how to build your own smart strength training program!

Top 10 Weight Training Myths: Sound Familiar?
Weight training myths that'll make you think - don't let the gym-hype take over your diet or workout program!


Warm Up Exercises Will Improve Your Workout!
Are you doing your warm up exercises? This can improve performance, workout effectiveness along with preventing debilitating injuries.

Leg Exercises: How and Why?
Are you doing your leg exercises? Reap the life-long benefits of training your legs and thighs!

Arm Exercises: Rock Solid Arm Workouts and Training Routines, the Smart Way!
Are you doing your arm exercises? Maintaining strong arms can go a long way in making sure you live a long, healthy lifestyle!

Chest Exercises: Gain a Complete Understanding of Your Pectorals!
Chest exercises and everything you'd want to know about your pectorals.

Upper Back Exercises and How They'll Improve Your Quality of Life!
Understanding upper back exercises can reap some great rewards...hop on the boat of a long, healthy lifestyle!

Lower Back Exercises: Avoid Back Pain Forever!
Doing lower back exercises can help prevent and/or eliminate back pain by increasing your back-stabilizing muscle tone.

Ab Workouts - Get That Washboard Look!
Want those six pack abs? Doing ab workouts is a key component, but not the defining line. Learn the inner workings of the abdominal muscles and use it to your advantage.

Shoulder Exercises: Look Great, Feel Great, Avoid Injury!
Doing your shoulder exercises have life-long benefits. Learn about these benefits and get started with basic exercise techniques.

Cardio Exercises - Why Bother?
Doing your cardio strength training exercises can put the icing on the cake - you'll burn fat, feel great about yourself, along with reducing the risk for chronic illnesses!

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