Supine Stability Ball Crunches

Supine Stability Ball Crunches

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Muscles Worked
Abdominal Muscles

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The crunch is definitely the most improperly performed exercise on the planet! Learn how to do it correctly with an exercise ball!

This exercise is awesome for stabilizing that core and supporting all of your workout efforts in the gym. You can't have strong shoulders, arms, legs or chest without strong stabilizing muscles!

The number one rule here is to go SLOW! Slower is better. Quality is always better than quantity. You also may need an exercise mat to more comfortably perform the movement.

So, first things first, lay down on your back and place your calves on the stability ball in a comfortable position. The wider your legs, the easier the exercise will be. If you want to step it up a notch, put those feet together.


You can place your hands behind your neck in this one, as long as you don't pull on your neck/head to perform the exercise. You may also place your hands across your chest if that's more comfortable for you.

Now that you're ready, contract the abdominal muscles only! This will lift your back and shoulder blades off the floor about 2-3 inches. Exhale!

Now hold this position for about 3 seconds before slowly returning to the starting position. Don't hit your head!

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Step 1: Lay down with your back flat. Put legs on ball in desired position (read above).ball crunches
Step 2: Contract abdomen and lift your shoulders/upper back 2-3 inches from the ground. Exhale at the same time. Hold position for 3 seconds.ball crunches
Step 3: Slowly return to starting position.ball crunches

DO NOT DO THIS EXERCISE FAST!! It completely negates the whole effort.

Remember, quality is better than quantity!!

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