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Apr 04, 2012


Use heavy weights while performing 15-20 sets, 6-8 reps and a 2 minute rest in between sets and exercises. do you mean per exercise, or sets per muscle

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Apr 04, 2012

Karen Overton

I lost Thoracic vertebrae 1 - 9 due to an infection which resulted in spinal fusion & rods a little more than a year ago & am recovering & have come so

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Apr 04, 2012

A little help needed

Hi Ryan, I found your website a few weeks ago and am finding it very useful. I am around 240lbs at present and i am joining the Army so need my weight

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Aug 30, 2011

Ab Workouts for Baseball and Softball

Ab Workouts should be the backbone of all your baseball and softball training. Without a strong midsection, it's nearly impossible to compete.

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Aug 28, 2011

Number of Sets in the PUSH phase

Is the number of sets in the PUSH phase correct? Only at the top of the workout it states 3) Push - heavier weight, fewer reps, more sets! yet below

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Aug 25, 2011

The Biceps Curl on a Stability Ball. Not Easy!

The Biceps curl is a Classic. Add in a stability ball and you've got a biceps blaster!

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Aug 25, 2011

Cable Curl Variations can Add Complexity to your Workout

The Cable curl is a classic biceps exercise - make sure you're doing them correctly and efficiently for maximal results!

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Aug 25, 2011

Cable Crossover

The cable crossover should be a staple in your chest workout regimen!

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Aug 24, 2011

Ab Workouts - Get That Washboard Look!

Want those six pack abs? Doing ab workouts is a key component, but not the defining line. Learn the inner workings of the abdominal muscles and use it to your advantage.

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Aug 24, 2011

Upper Back Exercises: The Bow and Arrow Pull

Upper back exercises are effectively performed with resistance bands. Try the bow and arrow pull!

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